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Governance | EEPL | Essar


Essar Exploration and Production lays strong emphasis on ESG (Environment, Social, Governance), and accordingly ensures appropriate structures, stringent policies and guidelines, and benchmarked processes. With the philosophy of placing people first, sustainable operations and responsible behaviour take centre stage in our operations.



The EEPL leadership team is committed to deliver value for all our stakeholders, while complying with the company’s governance policies and practices. The interest of our business lies in doing it responsibly and sustainably, and keeping in mind interests of our people, our community and the society at large. 

Board of Directors

Management Team

Environmental Stewardship

The company acknowledges the dire implications of increased dependence on fossil fuel. To mitigate such dependence, it has consciously made investments in cleaner fuels such as natural gas.

To offset the carbon footprint caused by the use of natural gas, EEPL has an intensive rice farming programme named Project Sufalam in the vicinity of its exploration asset in Raniganj. Through the programme, the company not only aims at reducing its carbon footprint but also provides sustainable income to the local farmers.

To know more about our social initiatives for reducing methane emission related to farming click here.

Commitment to Society

EEPL and its subsidiary play a role in the development of lesser developed regions in its communities. Regular health awareness campaigns are carried out. The company operates mobile health clinics in 26 villages, which attend to approximately 1500 individuals in a month.

The company also runs community engagement programmes to educate the people in these villages about the benefits of essential health and hygiene practices and education for all.

EEPL also helps people to establish biogas digesters in their homes to enable moving away from cooking food over coal or firewood, which causes lung disease and pollution.

For more details about CSR policy, please click here.

Responsibility towards our People

EEPL acknowledges the dedication and hard work of all its employees and follows a strict policy of HSE and welfare. With a strict adherence to industrial safety rules and zero-tolerance towards unsafe work practices, the company works towards institutionalizing a culture of safety across sites.

All operational sites have dedicated HSE (health, safety & environment) teams led by senior executives who are responsible for safety reporting, training and compliance at their respective sites

For more details on HSE policy, please click here.
For more details on EOGEPL policies & compliance reports, please click here.