To become one of the leading players in early-stage oil and gas exploration with a long-term view to creating a greener future through the development of a clean-fuel energy ecosystem.

Our Strategy

EEPL is an early stage developer focused solely on exploration and production in the Oil and Gas sector. The company follows a highly selective investment model when deciding to venture into a new project. It primarily relies on deep technical understanding and a conscious focus on developing cleaner natural gas assets.

EEPL’s business is divided into multiple divisions, each dedicated to a specific segment of the exploration, production and distribution value chain. It has created a robust ecosystem that enables a seamless supply of clean fuel to the consumer.

EEPL’s business strategy is centred on a three-tiered approach:


A consistent zeal to sustainably enhance the value of the asset portfolio by discovering low-cost and high-value assets, globally


A deep commitment to enhancing the asset’s value and realising its full potential through complete on-ground development


Spreading the fruits of success by including other like-minded entities through partnerships and tie-ups

The strategy is implemented with the help of three vital enablers


Operational Excellence:

EEPL possesses a high degree of expertise in the exploration and production of coal bed methane (CBM) in India. The expertise helps the company establish industry benchmarks. The company also has a dedicated team for evaluation of conventional natural gas assets as well as new acreages across the globe.

Distribution Effectiveness:

Even as upstream activities occupy EEPL’s prime focus, it is dedicated to changing the horizon of the natural gas market in India and the world. A robust distribution network of gas pipelines ensures a seamless supply of compressed natural gas to industrial customers across the country. With the establishment of a new dedicated team, EEPL now plans to venture into a first-of-its-kind L-CNG supply for mass markets.

Community Enhancement:

EEPL understands and acknowledges its responsibilities towards the planet and society. It strives to improve the lives of the communities residing in proximity to its exploration assets. Capable professionals implement social and occupational interventions to elevate their living standards. EEPL’s core values resonate with the need to create a sustainable ecosystem. Apart from minimising the emissions of natural gas, it also implements programmes to reduce the carbon footprint.