Essar Exploration and Production Limited’s portfolio comprises four assets - two unconventional and two conventional assets. The entire portfolio comprises of 9.39 (6.9 + 2.49) BBOE of in-place oil and gas resources, as per internal company estimates.

Raniganj and Mehsana, in India, are unconventional assets — coal bed methane (CBD) blocks, managed by EEPL’s Indian subsidiary, EOGEPL (Essar Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Ltd).

Block-114 in Vietnam and Block OPL-226 in Nigeria are conventional blocks in EEPL’s portfolio.

Unconventional Assets

Raniganj, India


Coal bed methane project in eastern India is the first project to produce over 1 MMSCMD of CBM gas.

Mehsana, Gujarat


Conventional Asset in western India with significant upside of CBM resources.

Conventional Assets


Offshore asset managed jointly with Italian major, ENI. The JV has completed drilling 2 Exploratory wells in 2020.


Exploratory Block in shallow offshore waters of the Niger Delta. This Block was awarded to Essar in 2010.